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Jun 24, 2019

04:56 PM ISTI Open Access Feature #12066 (Rejected): Reharvest People content once the new format is implemented
I'm going to close this ticket.
People is automatically harvested and there is no agreement regarding a "new form...
04:53 PM ISTI Open Access Feature #17047 (New): Deal with resultset items containing many authors
I just faced with the following paper https://openportal.isti.cnr.it/doc?id=people______::08e03ddff93a58ec66440574f84...

Jun 20, 2019

12:09 PM ISTI Open Access Support #17023 (New): Migrate the ticketing system supporting Open Portal to the new ISTI Redmine
An ISTI Redmine has been recently made available. As soon as we can start using it we should migrate the existing tic...
12:02 PM ISTI Open Access Feature #16846 (In Progress): Access to SOLR from Volpini's machines
We are going to remove the possibility to access SOLR to machines other than the portal.
10:59 AM ISTI Open Access Feature #16846: Access to SOLR from Volpini's machines
AFAIK this was needed in order to give @federico.volpini@isti.cnr.it the possibility to fetch content from Open Porta...

Jun 13, 2019

05:37 PM gCube Feature #11331: Field repeatability: support for catalogue widget
I confirm that it is possible to create items with repeatable fields http://data-d.d4science.org/ctlg/NextNext/a_samp...

Jun 12, 2019

05:20 PM ISTI Open Access Feature #16939 (New): Consider integrating the forthcoming shareyourpaper facility
Shareyourpaper is going to be developed to facilitate the deposition of OA versions in a repository
11:51 AM ISTI Open Access Support #16921 (Closed): Merge Ter Beek publications
The profiles of Maurice Henri Ter Beek and Maurice Ter Beek should be merged
11:46 AM ISTI Open Access Support #16920 (Closed): Merge Spano profiles
Merge profiles of Lucio Davide Spano e Lucio Spano
11:40 AM ISTI Open Access Support #16919 (New): Discuss and define the set of publications that must appear in ISTI Open Po...
Right now the ISTI Open Portal harvester collects all the papers in the People ISTI set
However this set contains...

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