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Jun 19, 2018

03:31 PM BlueBRIDGE Support #11989: Embed the frenchtropicaltunaatlas map viewer app into the VRE
I'm wondering this is something @massimiliano.assante@isti.cnr.it can help ... we need to invoke the facility via an ...

Jun 01, 2018

10:22 AM D4Science Infrastructure VM Creation #11509: Create a VM for hosting VocBench
I just commented on #11504 ... according to the meeting we had few days ago Agroknow colleagues are preparing details...

May 21, 2018

12:10 PM BlueBRIDGE Risk #984 (Closed): 8. Delays in production of deliverables, be it interim ones (with dependencie...
12:09 PM BlueBRIDGE Task #9855 (Closed): T9.3 September 2017 Activity Report
12:08 PM BlueBRIDGE Task #10503 (Closed): T9.3 November 2017 Activity Report
12:07 PM BlueBRIDGE Task #10834 (Closed): T9.3 November & December 2017 Activity Report

Apr 13, 2018

02:20 PM ISTI Open Access Feature #11601: Migrate the OpenPortal services to production machines
@andrea.dellamico@isti.cnr.it I'm fine with ISTI servers if (a) we already have them, (b) the machine we have are sui...
10:18 AM ISTI Open Access Feature #11637 (New): Register OpenPortal in OA directories
As soon as the OAI-PMH protocol is enacted on ISTI Open Portal, we should register the repository in suitable service...
10:16 AM ISTI Open Access Feature #11636 (New): Cater for OpenAIRE harvesting
The content aggregated by ISTI Open Portal should be exposed by OAI-PMH in a format compliant with OpenAIRE guideline...

Apr 12, 2018

10:24 AM BlueBRIDGE Project Deliverable #597 (Closed): D1.3 : Periodic Report: Second Period [30]
Deliverable submitted https://goo.gl/iVQmCK

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