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Apr 17, 2019

10:42 AM gCube Feature #16557 (New): Members: requests for enhancements
Members is the portlet every VRE is equipped with to inform the VRE members on who is in (as well as who is in a grou...

Apr 12, 2019

03:20 PM gCube Task #7410: Reconsider RStudio home folder management
I do support @andrea.dellamico@isti.cnr.it idea, and I'm going to change the subject and the description of the ticke...

Apr 11, 2019

06:40 PM D4Science Infrastructure Task #2306 (Closed): Customize http://dataminer.d4science.org/wps/
The servers are now configured to support this request, e.g. http://dataminer-prototypes.d4science.org/wps/
05:57 PM D4Science Infrastructure Task #6676 (Closed): Reconcile VRE Folder roles with VRE Manager Roles
The feature is there.
10:31 AM D4Science Support Support #16260: Problems with StorageHub Java REST API
@lucio.lelii@isti.cnr.it are there any news on this side? Could you please help @miguel.de-alba-aparicio@bfr.bund.de ...

Apr 03, 2019

07:48 PM D4Science Support Support #16430: Workspace docx files and Chrome
@massimiliano.assante@isti.cnr.it this is not the case ... my Chrome is up to date and when accessing a docx file I s...

Apr 02, 2019

03:42 PM D4Science Support Support #16432: Geoanalytics to publish layers in geonetwork update
Just added some colleagues to the discussion and assigning the reply to the ticket to @roberto.cirillo@isti.cnr.it th...
02:46 PM D4Science Support Support #16430 (Resolved): Workspace docx files and Chrome
When using the workspace and opening a docx file (by double click, show, or open) it seems the Chrome browser tries t...

Apr 01, 2019

05:27 PM D4Science Support VRE #16311: New VRE for OpenAIRE-Connect
Logo set (used Logo B)
Please, do take into account that the Redmine project connected to the VRE is

Mar 28, 2019

05:43 PM ISTI Open Access Feature #16401 (New): Add CNR logo to open portal
The CNR logo should be added to the Portal home ... a suitable place should be identified.

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