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Sep 17, 2018

10:01 AM D4Science Infrastructure Task #12497: document-store-lib-no-insert produce a huge number of fallback log on enabling services
There are other nodes with little fallback logs:
4 total
4 total resourcemanager-d4rese...

Sep 12, 2018

06:04 PM D4Science Infrastructure VM Creation #12412: 3.2.1 Geonetwork for preprod environment running, to be provisioned

Sep 11, 2018

05:31 PM D4Science Infrastructure Task #12449 (In Progress): Add Nagios checks on couchbase cluster
New nagios check on the selected buckets but we have to customize the parameters with

Aug 31, 2018

04:56 PM D4Science Infrastructure Incident #12363: Openaire, SmartArea, SoBigData: collector down
I fixed timezone and clock sync on

Aug 30, 2018

10:31 AM D4Science Infrastructure Task #12102 (Closed): Preproduction infrastructure: create an alias for enabling services
Aliases substitution done. The DNS zone should be updated in few minutes.

Aug 06, 2018

12:06 AM D4Science Infrastructure Task #12321 (Closed): Install a new backup server (with backuppc SW)
New server is (alias
12:00 AM D4Science Infrastructure Task #12321 (Closed): Install a new backup server (with backuppc SW)
06:15 PM D4Science Infrastructure Task #12307 (Closed): Backup the container volumes

Aug 03, 2018

04:29 PM D4Science Infrastructure Support #12314 (Closed): couchbase7 nagios alert
Couchbase seems to be stable at the moment.
We will take care of this issue and these informations if there will be ...
04:19 PM D4Science Infrastructure Task #1261: Install Ceph on the SAN servers
Disk /dev/sdb Size: [2.00 TB] Device Model: WDC WD2000FYYZ-01UL1B2 Serial Number: WD-WMC1P0F1T9FP
Disk /dev...

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