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Jan 14, 2020

04:02 PM gCube Feature #18321: RStudio Wrapper portlet assign instance policy should be random
please add your thoughts. I wish to close this request asap.

Jan 13, 2020

03:22 PM D4Science Support Support #18407: Upgrade Postgres version, please report the postgres db you are using from d4science. c...

Jan 09, 2020

02:55 PM gCube Feature #18384: VRE Modeler service, disable the automatic undeployment
A plan to port the legacy IS, the RM and the VRE Modeler to Smartgears is already running. w...

Jan 07, 2020

11:07 AM gCube Bug #17908 (Closed): Workspace's recent items in VRE's home page
closed for inactivity
11:00 AM D4Science Support Incident #17750 (Closed): Rstudio ( instance in the ICCAT-BFT-E VRE with...
10:59 AM D4Science Support Incident #18137 (Resolved): gCube 4.15 Release notes are buggy

Dec 18, 2019

02:59 PM D4Science Support Support #18309: GeoNetwork catalogue interface not displaying data
ottimo lavoro. Quello che proprio non capisco è perchè il maintainer è BlueBRIDGE Catalogue Manager

Dec 13, 2019

12:43 PM gCube Release #18120:
I have not enough knowledge to judge this decision. Clearly, if the WPS service was not modified, you solution is fin...
12:02 PM gCube Feature #18053: Analyse Thredds not aggregable calledMethods
It is ok for me.

Nov 26, 2019

10:16 AM D4Science Support Task #18148: Add gCat to the DESIRA Project VRE

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