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Apr 05, 2019

11:53 AM gCube Feature #16465 (New): Workspace versioning panel has to show user information
The **Workspace** versioning panel has to show user information
11:51 AM gCube Bug #13328 (Closed): Workspace versioning panel, user information is lost
11:50 AM gCube Feature #16464 (New): StorageHub: user info has to be collected and made available for each version
The **StorageHub** has to annotate each version with the owner of the version and this information has to be provided...
11:23 AM gCube Bug #13328 (Feedback): Workspace versioning panel, user information is lost
It is not a solution for the long term. I can accept it since it remove the empty column but please open another feat...

Apr 02, 2019

06:39 PM D4Science Support Support #16432: Geoanalytics to publish layers in geonetwork update
I think that the SDI service should be used to identify the GN instance to use and the way to use it. Fabio can prov...

Mar 29, 2019

07:03 PM gCube Bug #16391: gxrest jersey response problem
This issue is indirectly blocking the release of another component that is urgently required by a community of users....

Mar 18, 2019

06:16 PM D4Science Support Support #16294: PerformFish KPI VRE
Dear Mezian Azzaydi, your account has been activated but you are not yet associated with any company.
Clearly, you ...

Mar 14, 2019

10:18 AM gCube Feature #16271: Dataminer portlet: add Update DataSpace button
At present we have only decided to postpone the update of the DataSpace: from the automatic approach currently adopte...

Mar 13, 2019

06:42 PM gCube Feature #16274 (New): Dataminer portlet: the status of the computation has to be read from the ne...
The Dataminer portlet has to read the status of the computationfrom the new persistence selected by the service
06:41 PM gCube Feature #16273 (New): DataMiner Service - store the computation status in a different backend
The computation status has to be stored in an appropriate backend that can manage a huge number of parallel writing o...

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