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May 16, 2018

05:12 PM D4Science Infrastructure Task #11785 (Closed): install python pystache library on each worker node

Apr 03, 2018

02:11 PM D4Science Infrastructure Support #11560 (Closed): Remove old CDH 5.9 Cluster
After the new installation is done we can remove the test cluster CDH 5.9

Feb 22, 2018

05:04 PM D4Science Infrastructure VM Creation #11285 (In Progress): Kibana VM
We need two installation of kibana for monitoring two index ES
- DLI Index
- Literature Broker Index

Jan 24, 2018

12:57 PM D4Science Infrastructure Task #11032 (Closed): Create new cluster Hadoop 2 using cloudera installation cdh 5.9
We need a new installation Cloudera CDh 5.9 of the cluster hadoop.
With the following resources:
6 machines for...

Nov 27, 2017

04:19 PM D4Science Infrastructure Task #10460 (Closed): Upgrade resources for worker[1-3]
We need to have the same hw resource of the other workers of the cluster

Nov 21, 2017

11:34 AM D4Science Infrastructure VM Creation #10382 (Closed): Extend Resources to D-Net Index
We need more disk space for the D-Net cluster index.
see ticket #9996

Oct 20, 2017

02:24 PM D4Science Infrastructure VM Creation #9996 (Closed): New Index instance
We need a configuration like index for DLI,
4 machines,
last version of elasticsearch, Kibana
for CrossRef dump an...

Sep 14, 2017

04:55 PM D4Science Infrastructure VM Creation #9693 (Closed): New Dev instance for WDS
We need a new machine for install a container DNet.
This machine needs also mongoDB but It can connect to mongo on n...

Jul 19, 2017

03:51 PM D4Science Infrastructure VM Creation #9318 (Closed): create a new dev instance of the DLI dev server
I need an upgraded instance of MongoDB for DLI
machine name:
disk space: 150 gb (for t...

May 12, 2017

05:55 PM D4Science Infrastructure VM Creation #8567 (Closed): New VM to host the EFG D-Net service
We need a new VM for moving the DNet instance of EFG
the resources should be the same as node 0-d-efg
With one inst...

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