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Nov 15, 2019

05:50 PM gCube Release #18032 (RTD on Preprod): org.gcube.portlets-user.performfish-analytics-portlet.0-4-0
05:50 PM gCube Release #18036 (RTD on Preprod): org.gcube.portlets.user.accounting-dashboard.1-2-0
05:49 PM gCube Release #18091 (RTD on Preprod): org.gcube.portlets-user.workspace-widget-portlet.1-3-2
After the change of maven-portal-bom it builds successfully on Release 4.16.
You can find the war here:
05:22 PM gCube Release #18091 (Under Integration): org.gcube.portlets-user.workspace-widget-portlet.1-3-2
03:50 PM gCube Task #17958: Disk space full
Luca Frosini wrote:
> Tommaso Piccioli wrote:
> > There is still some client with errors (restart needed?):
> >
03:19 PM gCube Release #18043: gCube Release 4.16
Massimiliano Assante wrote:
> The Accounting Dashboard has been include in the upgrade of today, Upgrade #18084 for ...
11:08 AM gCube Bug #18055 (In Progress): Ghost Resource: sometimes a ServiceEndpoint/GenericResource shared betw...
Massimiliano Assante wrote:
> Roberto Cirillo wrote:
> > is possible to extract t...
10:21 AM gCube Bug #18055: Ghost Resource: sometimes a ServiceEndpoint/GenericResource shared between more than ... is possible to extract the list of all the VREs created from 15th July to 26th Sept...
10:17 AM gCube Bug #12386: IS-Registry service: sometimes fails to publish the resource
As reported in ticket #18055 the problem is still there.
Exception in the nohup.out file:
Exception in th...
10:01 AM gCube Feature #18079: Analyse 'storage' not aggregable calledMethods
Luca Frosini wrote:
> It seems that there are very few calledMethod but the situation it does not convince me.
> @r...

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