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Jun 21, 2018

10:47 AM gCube Release #12010 (Available):
10:47 AM gCube Release #12011 (Available):
10:46 AM gCube Release #12011 (Under Integration):
10:45 AM gCube Release #12010 (Under Integration):
10:11 AM D4Science Infrastructure Task #12008 (New): grsd-publisher deployed on gcube-staging repo doesn't work
The latest grsf-publisher service version (grsf-publisher-ws-1.6.0-4.12.0-169302) deployed on staging repo doesn't wo...
10:03 AM D4Science Infrastructure Task #12007 (New): Storage-MongoDB: Disable nagios alert when a backup is performed
If a backup is performed the nagios alert related to mongo5 instance should be disabled otherwise I cannot understand...

Jun 20, 2018

05:05 PM gCube Bug #12000 (Closed): Storage-manager-trigger: enable soft-copy operation
The storage size showed in our workspace was correctly set but the accounting record wasn't sent correctly to account...
03:49 PM gCube Bug #12000 (In Progress): Storage-manager-trigger: enable soft-copy operation
03:49 PM gCube Bug #12000 (Closed): Storage-manager-trigger: enable soft-copy operation
The new operation "SOFT_COPY" provided by storage-manager libraries should be managed as a COPY on storage-manager-tr...
02:59 PM D4Science Infrastructure Incident #11988 (Closed): Copy doesn't work prepoerly
The test has been passed. I'm going to close this ticket. Thanks.

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