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Jul 31, 2016

11:20 AM gCube Support #4828: Query for AccessPoint from a servlet , , did we check that with Denis ? Georgios Kakaletris

Jul 07, 2016

10:35 AM gCube Bug #4469: Cannot create/get folder in workspace
Valentina Marioli wrote:
> This issue should be fixed in WP6 with the support of UoA.
As (re)stated in the 2nd TC...
Georgios Kakaletris

Mar 16, 2016

01:07 PM gCube Feature #2031: Provide a Social login portlet for liferay
My two cents here:, the other adapters you have been implementing are also operational, so why... Georgios Kakaletris

Jan 22, 2016

12:15 PM gCube Feature #2047 (Closed): Easy navigation from social feed view to workspace locations
When reading the feed of a VRE it would be extremely helpful to easily switch to specific VRE workspace locations.
Georgios Kakaletris

Nov 20, 2015

01:51 PM gCube Feature #1439: Implement a centralized configuration (or state) management service
There will be no new RR (or at least not in the sense that there was): The new configuration is an "all-or-nothing" e... Georgios Kakaletris
12:03 PM gCube Feature #1439 (Closed): Implement a centralized configuration (or state) management service
Georgios Kakaletris
12:28 PM gCube Feature #1445 (Closed): Enhance search results visualization
Provide statistics
Provide interactive facet elements
Georgios Kakaletris
12:26 PM gCube Feature #1444 (Closed): Provided faceted search capabilities at the backend
Georgios Kakaletris
12:21 PM gCube Feature #1442 (Closed): Integrate OAI-PMH directly to harvesting/indexing mechanism
Georgios Kakaletris
12:05 PM gCube Feature #1440 (Closed): Remove index ingestion dependency to TreeManager
Georgios Kakaletris

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