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Nov 15, 2019

05:17 PM gCube Task #18090: CKAN: implement a patch (and update the provisioning) to solve the Bug #18070
By debugging the source code of CKAN, I found the bug in the following snippet (into file
04:46 PM gCube Task #18090 (In Progress): CKAN: implement a patch (and update the provisioning) to solve the Bug...
We need to implement and release a patch to fix the CKAN issue reported at #18070
11:04 AM D4Science Support Incident #18083: Workspace: URL creation raise an error yet it creates the URL but prevents the t...
About the error on Creating URL, the issue has been (tested and) solved with the new version (of Workspace Portlet) r...

Nov 14, 2019

05:58 PM gCube Release #18044 (Released):
At the moment, this new version (`2.12.0`) has been released on production only under the component `URI-Resolver` `v...
05:52 PM gCube Release #18046 (Released):
05:51 PM gCube Release #18046 (Tagged):
done (see at
05:48 PM gCube Release #18044 (Tagged):
05:07 PM StocksAndFisheriesKB Bug #18070 (New): Tags containing a double space (maybe multiple spaces) are not searchable
The tags saved in the GRSF-ADMIN Catalogue like:

Code 21.3.P.s System FAO Name Atlantic Northwest 21.3.P.s
04:46 PM StocksAndFisheriesKB Task #18029 (Closed): GRSF Catalogue: perform some fixes/improvements
All the fixes/improvements above reported have been released and are working fine (see at https://i-marine.d4science....
04:40 PM gCube Feature #18038 (Closed): Catalogue Resolver: resolve a public ITEM URL to the public VRE Catalogu...

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