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Dec 02, 2021

03:53 PM gCube Feature #22500: GIS index cross layer filtering
Former designed approach didn't take into account the exploitation of GS cross-layer filtering extension, which could... Fabio Sinibaldi
03:49 PM gCube Feature #22500 (In Progress): GIS index cross layer filtering
Implement support for additional user defined layers that can be used to filter GIS Indexes. Fabio Sinibaldi
03:42 PM gCube Task #22499 (In Progress): Investigate adoption of GeoServer cross-layer filtering extension
Cross-layer filtering extension seems to be an interesting feature for our needs.
It needs to be explicitly install...
Fabio Sinibaldi

Dec 01, 2021

03:22 PM gCube Feature #22193 (Closed): gna concessioni : clean OGC reference on unpublish
Fabio Sinibaldi
03:22 PM gCube Feature #22280 (Closed): gcube-cms-suite : enforce "on update" behaviour
Fabio Sinibaldi
03:22 PM gCube Feature #22338 (Closed): gna concessioni : remove mandatory condition for piante
Fabio Sinibaldi

Nov 24, 2021

02:33 PM gCube Feature #22462 (In Progress): Profile support
Implement both model and support for profiles according to preliminary draft. Fabio Sinibaldi
02:31 PM gCube Feature #22461 (In Progress): ProfiledDocument support
Implement model and support for profiled documents according to attached preliminary draft. Fabio Sinibaldi

Nov 17, 2021

02:30 PM gCube Feature #22274 (In Progress): gcube-cms-suite : Indexes enrichment
Fabio Sinibaldi

Nov 16, 2021

06:08 PM gCube Task #20755 (In Progress): geoportal-service : remove http from git code
Fabio Sinibaldi

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