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Jul 06, 2016

05:45 PM BlueBRIDGE Task #4665 (Closed): Implement platform architectural abstractions
Development of plug in supporting logic.
05:43 PM BlueBRIDGE Task #4664 (Closed): Geospatial Analytics platform import-supporting logic

Jun 06, 2016

10:41 AM BlueBRIDGE Project WP #654: WP6 - Supporting Blue Economy: VREs Development [Months: 1-30]
## May 2016 Activity Report
* Managed and coordinated of Data Management Plan update for Blue Economy (UoA...

Jun 02, 2016

04:51 PM BlueBRIDGE Task #1948: Design and implement algorithms for investment opportunity evaluation
This ticket had been wrongfully assigned to G.Antzoulatos because of the similarity in our names. It should have been...

Jan 18, 2016

06:54 PM BlueBRIDGE Support #2003 (Closed): Java 8 support in the infrastructure
There is a requirement, especially for the software developed under WP6 but also for other WPs in which UoA is involv...
03:40 PM BlueBRIDGE Task #2002 (Closed): Geospatial Analytics Platform Implementation (Stage 1)
03:40 PM BlueBRIDGE Task #2001 (Closed): Implement Geospatial Analytics Model Configuration & Management Logic

A model, in the context of the platform is defined as
* A set of virtual layers which will serve as inputs to the ...
03:30 PM BlueBRIDGE Task #2000 (Closed): Implement virtual layer configuration & management logic
In the context of the platform, a virtual layer is defined as a set of logical layers, referring conceptually to a sp...
03:24 PM BlueBRIDGE Task #1999 (Closed): Implement generic data access model of Geopolis
Implement generic access model moving geospatial logic to geospatial cluster nodes, as stated at the platform design.
01:10 PM BlueBRIDGE Task #1996 (Closed): Integrate Geopolis with gCube Infrastructure Resource Management

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