Task 2 in WP5 is to deliver the Global record of Stocks and Fisheries.

The (dynamic) GRSF VRE plan is available in the BlueBridge project wiki

The relevant deliverables are:


Providing scientists with an innovative environment supporting a collaborative, efficient and effective production of a comprehensive and shared global reference set of unique stocks and fisheries information that will boost regional and global environmental status monitoring as well as responsible consumer practices.




  • main focus on data downloading & filtering, rather than on data viewing for a single species/stock (or both). I.e. don't want to make users download data one stock at a time.
  • ability to download data under a set of filter criteria, including the ability to download some data types for all stocks (or fisheries) at once. E.g. quickly filter to obtain data of a particular type for all stocks in a particular region, ocean, taxonomic group, country, etc.
  • for every stock, have a list of the FAO area(s) and other area delimiters in which it is located (I know some of this will be in the unique identifier, but I'm thinking about area codes that are not in the unique identifier)
  • if there is a stock-by-stock page, ability to link to the RAM Legacy and/or FishSource sites, as well as the webpage for the original assessor agency and the stock in particular, for further information about the stock
  • if there are any ambiguities, e.g. time series or other information that do not match perfectly between RAM and FishSource, flag those for internal inspection as well as so users are aware they may need to visit the original source materials.
  • similarly, ability to link to FishBase, SealifeBase, IUCN, FAO species pages, etc.
  • if there is a stock-by-stock page, have a summary figure showing all data types available and (for time series data), the range of years available for each data type
  • ability to download stock metadata and names in other databases. E.g. this would contain the Latin name used in the assessment, in the FAO landings database, and in FishBase (which are not always the same), same thing for common names, would also give the FAO 3-letter species code, the FishBase numerical code, etc.
  • ability to search the text inside of PDF documents that are linked to each stock

Many stakeholders from industry, NGOs, technology companies, etc believe the success of technology companies to develop seafood traceability solutions to meet the future global demand is based on standardized fishery identifiers. To that end, SFP is collaborating in BlueBRIDGE with the following expectations (broken down into 'must-haves' and 'nice-to-haves'). In addition, we share many of the same expectations listed under RAM (which we do not repeat below).

Must-haves (ie, as part of v1 of the GRSF)

  1. A standardized and globally-accepted identifier system that could be used by managers, scientists, the seafood industry, and will help support (and evolve with) increasing demands and trends towards traceability, including a database of machine-readable unique identifiers for individual fisheries that other systems can pull from (eg, via API)
  2. Ability for other systems to submit ‘new fisheries’ for inclusion into the GRSF and unique identifiers database (perhaps starting with RAM/FishSource and then others)

Nice-to-haves (ie, as part of v1 or v2, depending on time/resources available?)

  1. Enhanced or newly created source lists/databases to support/strengthen the use and applicability of the unique identifier (ie, for the GRSF to draw from):
    1. A standardized list of fishery management units
    2. A standardized list of management organizations and assessment organizations
    3. A more complete and detailed coverage of the FAO Fishing Areas and Sub-areas
  2. Automated sharing of data back and forth across systems (eg. if RAM uploads most recent biomass and landings data for Barents Sea cod, FishSource would get an alert to review and approve the data to be automatically pulled into its database). We believe this links with RAM’s 5th bullet


Governance and Sustainability




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