20 March 2019, Check and discuss tickets assigned to CNR developers

Meeting Notes
Topics: Check and discuss GRSF Redmine tickets assigned to CNR developers

CNR (Pasquale Pagano, Luca Frosini, Francesco Mangiacrapa)
FAO (Aureliano Gentile)


  • The GRSF tickets assigned to Francesco and Luca were discussed.

In particular:

#13008: Issue on URL - will be fixed by mid of April
#12278: GRSF record citation - CNR will check if the citation mechanism and content can be generated at time of publication by the GRSF service more than from the GRSF KB. The Citation template was discussed upon the requirements available at GRSF_database_overview. Upon CNR investigation, we will identify together with FORTH the final mechanism to complete the citation development.
#12421: Accented words - encoding to be fixed, will be done now

Management panel and merge action
#12237: management panel - blocked by merge action
#10928: Management panel enhancements - partially done and partially blocked by merge action #12277
#12277 : merge action - it also Blocks Feature #12237: GRSF Management panel enhancements - if too long can be done after FIRMS meeting (13-14 May 2019) - to be discussed in detail with FORTH

In addition:

  • FAO to reproduce errors on capitalization, if any, and report as ticket
  • CNR to make a new ticket for having a new tag in the feeds to report the name of the editor, in example #marinamendes. This will allow to retrieve all modifications made by a specific editor/approver/administrator etc.