WP6 2016-07-21 Meeting

Location & Time

  • CITE Headquarters, Kessariani
  • Thursday 21 Jul 2016, 16.00-18.30


  • Gerasimos Antzoulatos (I2S)
  • Dionysis Pyriohos (I2S)
  • Gerasimos Farantatos (UOA)
  • Panagiota Koltsida (UOA)
  • Georgios Kakaletris (UOA)
  • Konstantinos Giannakelos (CITE)
  • Michalis Nikolopoulos (CITE)
  • Charalambos Dimitrakopoulos (CITE)


  • Blue Economy VRE detailed plans to 30 Sep 2016
  • D6.2 finalisation
  • Technical discussion on minor integration and design topics

Minutes / Topics Addressed

  • Technical status and challenges
  • VRE instantiation approach for T6.2
  • Challenges of getting financial data for current model
  • Integration of techno-economic models and data with production models
  • Current techno-economic model requirements and assumptions
  • Deliverable D6.2 status and submission
  • Mid-long term plan update (review and 2017)

Actions Planned

  • D6.2 accompanying document will be confirmed by I2s to be submitted. Wiki will be further populated in the upcoming weeks.
  • Financial indicators will be integrated by CITE in I2S services. I2S will add minor UI elements to request optional financial data from users.
  • CITE will revise the models to use indicative, yet reasonable values, for missing data.
  • Datasets will be ingested even if not used now (as preliminary global models will be made available later in 2016)
  • One VRE per initial aquafarm (subcontractors) will be included in the initial production infrastructure.
  • One VRE will be request for UOA for T6.2 remaining tools hosting and showcasing.
  • Datasets ingestion will include Geonetwork metadata publication before summer break.