WP6 2016-07-07 Teleconference

Location & Time

  • Skype
  • Thu 2016-07-07, 14:00-15:23


  • Phoebe Koundouri (ICRE8)
  • Avraam Mavridis (ICRE8)
  • Kostas Seferis (I2S)
  • George Kakaletris (UoA)
  • Charalampos Dimitrakopoulos (CITE)


  • BlueBRIDGE input for model development by ICRE8

Minutes / Topics Addressed

  • Brief presentation of Production Model Set ( Growth, Mortality and Feeding models) and Techno-economic model
  • Sources of data for the models were discussed
  • Intention by ICRE8 to create a more complete economic model that can include enviromental impact

Two options were examined

  • Case study with a specific data set
  • Simulation over an average data set

Actions Planned

ICRE8 requested:

  • Definition of Production Model's variables types
  • Data (if available) for those variables (20 years span would be ideal)