WP6-ICRE8 2016-06-09 Telco

Location & Time

  • Skype
  • Fri 2016-06-09, 18.00-18.45


  • Phoebe Koundouri (ICRE8)
  • Avraam Mavridis (ICRE8)
  • Eleni Petra (UoA)
  • George Kakaletris (UoA)


  • Arrangements for the participation of ICRE8 in Project's TCom
  • Brief discussion on further opportunities

Minutes / Topics Addressed

  • On ICRE8 member to attend in person and one remotely for smaller part of the day
  • ICRE8 will present geo-spatial planning tools it uses and models
  • Discussion will be done on techno-economic models to suggest extensions
  • ICRE8 will contribute with suggestions that may open Blue Economy offerings to policy makers

Actions Planned

  • Agenda to be revised to fit some time constraints.
  • Add further details on the agenda, to trigger interest