WP6 2016-06-08 Meeting

Location & Time

  • Location CITE Central, Kessariani
  • Time: Wed 2016-06-08 15.00-18.00


  • Dionysis Pyriohos (i2S)
  • Gerasimos Antzoulatos (i2S)
  • Kostas Seferis (i2S) via skype
  • Charalambos Dimitrakopoulos (CITE)
  • Kostas Kakaletris (CITE)
  • Gerasimos Farantatos (UoA)
  • Giota Koltsida (UoA)
  • George Kakaletris (UoA)


  • Discussion on s/w architecture
  • Discussion on WP time line
  • Finalization and approval of Blue Economy TCom session agenda
  • Analysis of techno-economic model

Minutes / Topics Addressed

  • WP and project's timeline big picture: planning for 30 Sep 2016 full stage 1 release
  • TCom agenda and presentation topics: assignments and durations fixing
  • Discussion on ICRE8 participation and contribution to models
  • Licensing overview with the inclusion of ICRE8
  • VRE 6.1 architecture and technical details (db access, backend services)
  • Blue Economy components and procedures autonomy: adding to the infrastructure yet without compromising WP mandate on reusable software, licensing and code/management and release handling
  • Aquafarming SMEs engagement
  • Techno-economic modeling analysis
  • Dataset issues identified
  • User questionnaire definition for Blue Economy
  • Brief fiscussion on future features (stage 2)

Actions Planned

  • Simplify the Techno-economic model to fit data availability and privacy concerns
  • Coordinated production of Blue Economy meeting presentations