WP6 2016-04-22 Teleconference

Location & Time

  • 13:00 / Phone


  • Kostas Seferis
  • George Kakaletris


  • Discussion on technoeconomic evaluation of aquaculture investment/operation and options to acquire financial data from stakeholders.

Minutes / Topics Addressed

Discussed on:

  • Brief presentation of the techno-economic model.
  • Qualitative approach on aquaculture technoeconomic analysis w.r.t. aspects to take into account (e.g. investment elements, different market approaches etc)
  • The option of issuing a questionnaire for aquaculture stakeholders to fill in data
  • The option to push data input to users of the system

Actions Planned / Decisions taken

  • Inland aquafarms will not be considered in the techno-economic analysis as their cost model diverges significantly.
  • Niche markets will not be considered.
  • Basic feed model will be followed for cost estimation.
  • Users will be requested to enter values of key factors (e.g. price of products, costs of maintenance, salaries etc)
  • The "global" models will "aggregate" data entered from aquafarms in a "region"
  • Kostas to perform a survey on the availability of economic / financial data and studies related to the techno-economic evaluation of aquaculture based on the perspective placed by the techno-economic model in question.