WP6 (with WP3 and WP8 topics) 2015-11-10 Teleconference

Location & Time

  • Skype
  • Tue 10/11/2015, 12.00 - 13.00 GR Time


  • Eleni Petra (NKUA)
  • Giota Koltsida (NKUA)
  • Kostas Seferis (I2S)
  • George Kakaletris (NKUA)


  • Discuss on the contribution of WP6 activities to WP3 and WP8 activities.
  • Discuss on T6.1 => T6.2 technology flow / integration

Minutes / Topics Addressed

  • Dissemination focus for WP6 partners: scientific vs commercial dissemination.

    • Commercial dissemination should wait until tangible results are there as
    • Announcement of intentions / plans can be done once detailed specs and timeline are secured
    • Partners should always present their outreach activities on project's social tools. However mentioning the peers of bilateral meetings (in the commercial sector) might not be a good approach, thus a "statistical" announcement should be made. Detailed records can be maintained privately by the peers.
  • Use of the tools for informing the project partners

    • Reminded the good use of the 3 main tools of the project for communication and reporting
  • Reminder of WP6 reporting tools and process

  • Short discussion of performance requirements for T6.2 to consume T6.1

    • The option to offer T6.1 models as a service is the best from the reuse and architectural standpoint. However performance requirements of T6.2 might instruct doing optimizations or different components for the investment planning sub-case.
  • Provisioning of training tools from WP6 to WP3.

    • WP6 S/W should be constructed to offer experimentation and training modes, where "students" are given information about the internal operation of the tools and the models and are guided for their use.

Actions Planned

  • Extend the scientific publications list with Aquafarming conferences opurtunities
  • Repeat discussion on outreach to the industrial field within 2015, but no earlier than a full detailed spec document for the VRE tools exists.
  • Agreed to steer WP6 development to provide WP6 training tools.