VREs Deployment and Operation

Deployment and operation of VREs is a collaborative effort involving the WP4 team as well as the work packages called to develop the enabling technology, i.e. WP5-8 that are focusing on developing technology specific to Blue Assessment, Blue Economy, Blue Environment and Blue Skills VREs and WP9-10 that are developing generic solutions supporting all the VREs.

This page is dedicated to capture the actual deployment of the planned VREs.


The actual plan is captured by a series of tickets and is available via a dedicated live report in the activity tracker


The procedure leading to VRE deployment is the standard one, i.e. that inherited by the D4Science infrastructure and described in the D4Science Wiki https://wiki.d4science.org/index.php?title=Virtual_Research_Environments_Deployment_and_Operation

For the needs of BlueBRIDGE it will be supported by the project activity tracker. A specific VRE tracker has been created with the goal to capture the entire process from specification to operation. The following status are supported:

  • New: the specification of the VRE is produced by the VRE designer. This specification must contain:
    • VRE name and abstract;
    • Membership policy, i.e. whether the VRE is open or restricted, who is allowed to invite members;
    • Number of expected users;
    • VRE expected datasets;
    • VRE expected functionalities;
  • Planned: the WP4 team is fine with the specification and is able to assign a due date for the actual deployment;
  • Available: the VRE is up and running and ready to be validated by the VRE designer;
  • Released: the VRE has been validated and the community can start using it;
  • Removed: the VRE has been disposed upon request of its manager;
  • Rejected: the requested VRE is not satisfiable;