Inspire Geoportal Data Sources

Inspire Geoportal offers a discovery viewer for accessing various datasets (
A list with datasets with potential value for the T6.2 task is available below. The list will be updated continuously as long as new datasets are discovered.

Potential Datasets

(UK) - Employment Land Audit:

(UK) - Port development

(UK) - City Flood Risk Area

(UK) - ADM Landscape Allocations

(UK) - Primary Retail Areas

(UK) - Possible Special Areas of Conservation (England)

(UK) - Planning Service (NI) - Development Plan - Landuse Zones & Points (Pre-defined Download)

(MT) - Unemployment Rate by District

(MT) - Unemployment Rate by District

(MT) - Turnover and Employment by Locality

(MT) - Turnover and Employment by District

(MT) - Employment Rate by District

(GR) Οργανισμός Κτηματολογίου και Χαρτογραφήσεων Ελλάδας (
Offers information regarding the land cover in Greece