Blue Economy

This activity aims to deliver economic growth and environmental planning capacity-building instruments to confront modern science and economic analysis challenges, as identified by both scientists and aqua-farming industry/investors. To fulfil its objective the WP will (a) collect and verify the detailed needs for related capacity-building instruments (b) deliver service and data offerings as part of Blue Economy VREs and (c) validate the results and effectiveness of the instruments.

WP Progress


Deliverables & Milestones

WP Artifacts

Key Red-mine Issues

#654: WP6 - Supporting Blue Economy: VREs Development
#655: T6.1 Performance evaluation, bench-marking and decision making in aquaculture VRE
#656: T6.2 Strategic Investment analysis and Scientific Planning/Alerting VRE

#657: Deliverable D6.1 : VRE Specification [6]
#658: Deliverable D6.2 : Blue Economy VRE Integrated Resources [11]
#659: Deliverable D6.3 : Blue Economy VRE Specification: Revised version [16]
#660: Deliverable D6.4 : Blue Economy VRE Integrated Resources: Revised Version [27]

#661: MS07 - Blue Economy VRE Plan
#662: MS16 - Blue Economy VRE Software: I Major Release
#663: MS23 - Blue Economy VRE Plan: Revised Version
#664: MS29 - Blue Economy VRE Software: II Major Release

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