Member Policy of Blue Economy VREs

Blue Economy services, tools and related access to data are available through the instantiated Virtual Research Environments (VREs). These VREs are dedicated to a specific Aquaculture SME (called VRE Owner), for a specific period and a specific task. Only the authorized users can access data and services exposed through these Blue Economy VREs.

There different levels of user authorization available are VRE Manager, VRE User, VRE Developer and VRE Supporter and are described below:

VRE Manager: has the right to grant access to other users and to assign roles. The acceptance of an application issued by a user is solely under the responsibility of the VRE Manager that has to verify that the user belongs to the community operating the VRE. A VRE Manager is appointed by the VRE Owner and he/she is responsible for the proper operation of the VRE. Among VRE Manager’s duties are to have the right to register/unregister datasets and make them available to all Users of the VRE.

VRE User(s): can upload and manage data within dedicated VRE according to their authorization level. They can use the tools and services within dedicated VRE as well as share with other users the results and the outcomes of the services. VRE Users are members of the VRE Owner.
VRE Developer(s)**: come from the BlueBRIDGE Consortium and/or the gCube Implementation Team. They develop the services/tools that are made available in the VRE. They may be engaged by Support with the approval of VRE Manager, for identifying and resolving VRE service issues.

VRE Supporter(s): come from the BlueBRIDGE Consortium. They support the services/tools that are made available in the VRE. They are responsible for the proper operation of the Blue Economy services and tools as well as they provide any support to the VRE users if required.