Barbados VRE Plan

In January 2017, an plan was made to train Barbados fisherie dept staff on the oportuities of BlueBRIDGE data services. The country can benefit from th erich collection of data management services for regional (i.e. multi-national) fisheries management data and MDM services.


The Barbados VRE will provide services in support of fisheries data management.

It will offer a subset of teh services of the overall RDB.


  • RDB Data collection, collation, and harmonization Covers fleet registries, statistical and observer based requirements for data services; typically these data are manageable through TabMan. However, there is a need for a simpler, narrower worflow for data ingestion.

  • RDB Computation the technological workflows to use the content above in integrated services to organize, shape, transform and publish datasets. It is similar to the needs of Sardara and FAO Tuna Atlas.

  • WECAFC_Stock_Assessment the dataminer based services for stock assessment. The focus can be on stock assessment capacity building.

The Regional DataBase VRE that is proposed here has a broad scope. The main purpose is to support international teams that have to analyse currently fragmented and incomplete data. It thus also has to cover the original and produced data and documents in shared WS folders.

Data and documents can be added to a shared folder:


The Barbados VRE is expected by June 2017 are as follows:

Governance and Sustainability

Resources to be deployed to this VRE

  • BB TabMan
  • BB DataMiner
  • BB RStudio

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