This service provides visualization needs on top of geospatial mapping, offering custom layers and accompanied information. It is based on a software tool named "Geoanalytics Platform" and is further explained in the next section.

Geoanalytics Platform

The Geoanalytics Platform is a simple yet efficient GIS system that facilitates analysts and scientists to visualize, analyze and manage geospatial information. The platform offers various features to help users collaborate and disseminate their work. Furthermore, the Geoanalytics Platform is an extensible system in which administrators can import data and analytics algorithms.

Geoanalytics Project Management and Decision Support System

The Geoanalytics platform consists of a number of sub-systems that provide different aspects of its functionality, necessary to perform the sub tasks of:

-Project definition and management and sharing
-Exploration of existing geospatial datasets
-Geospatial layer and attribute visualization
-Geospatial analysis method execution

The platform integrates with infrastructure security and presentation layers, and utilizes primarily open standards, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into the offered VREs, even beyond its initial scope.

It is able to import the following:
- Shapefile
- GeoTIFF raster image
- External layer as reference

Geoanalytics Administration Toolkit

The Geoanalytics administration toolkit adds a number of functionalities to the VRE allowing managers to configure and extend its capabilities. The most notable features that the administrator tools offer are the following:

-Layer management
-Style management
-Geospatial or statistics datasets import
-Geospatial analysis algorithm (function) import