AGINFRA+ Semantic Linking Service


The AGINFRA+ Semantic Linking Service allows the establishment of semantic links between data items belonging to different datasets and different sources. It is based on the open-source Silk framework (


The user of the service establishes the links by creating linking rulesets expressed in the declarative Silk-Link specification language. The formalism is XML-based, thus the users are free to import their rulesets created via external editors. In any case, the service provides a GUI for visually creating the desired rulesets and applying them to the targeted resources.


The user can use arbitrary properties for establishing a link between two entities, going beyond the more common declarations of equivalence, subsumption or similarity.
Furthermore, the service can be used to link entities belonging in sources located both locally and remotely, thus facilitating the publishing of AGINFRA+ data assets as Linked Data.


The service is available to the users of the AGINFRA+ VREs. Upon completion of the project, it will be made generally available as a feature provided by the D4Science VREs and activated on request.