AGINFRA+ Ontology Visualisation Service


The AGINFRA+ Ontology Visualisation Service aims to provide a schematic view of semantic resources created from or relevant to the AGINFRA+ user communities. It is based on the widely used and actively maintained WebVOWL framework (


The service allows the upload of local ontologies and the import of ontologies available online and accessible via a URL. It then proceeds to visualise the graph corresponding to the ontology, with classes and instances represented as circular nodes and properties represented as edges between these nodes. When the user clicks on an item, a side panel presents information for the selected entity as defined in the ontology.


The service is able to visualise OWL 2 ontologies, represented in various formulisations (RDF/XML, N-Triples, Turtle).
There is no explicit limit on the size of the ontology, though the visualisation of extremely large ones is relatively complex. However, the service allows the user to select specific parts of the ontology to be visualised, thus facilitating the examination of larger schemas and datasets.


The service is available to the users of the AGINFRA+ VREs. Upon completion of the project, it will be made generally available as a feature provided by the D4Science VREs and activated on request.