Ontology Engineering Service


The AGINFRA+ Ontology Engineering Service (http://vocbench1.d4science.org) is a tool for creating, editing and managing semantic resources (ontologies, thesauri, vocabularies, etc.).


The Ontology Engineering Service is based on the open-source VocBench 3 framework (http://vocbench.uniroma2.it). It allows the collaborative design, editing and management of semantic web resources.
The workspace is organised into projects corresponding to a collection of semantic resources. Users participate into the creation and curation of a resource carrying different roles (administrator, ontologist, terminologist, etc.).
The service supports versioning and tracking of work on a project, with the ability to rollback to specific versions during the creation process.


The AGINFRA+ Ontology Engineering Service allows the creation and management of semantic resources expressed in the following Semantic Web standards:

  • OWL
  • RDF-S
  • SKOS
  • SKOS-XL It supports the management of semantic resources of arbitrary size, as it is connected to external high-capacity graph databases (GraphDB triple stores) for ensuring persistence and performance.


The AGINFRA+ Ontology Engineering Service is accessible at: http://vocbench1.d4science.org. For the duration of the project, iser credentials and access to the service are provided upon request and go through the approval of the responsible AGINFRA+ team. The service is also available to all members of the AGINFRA+ VREs.