AGINFRA+ Data Transformation Service


While AGINFRA+ provides an Ontology Engineering Service - fulfilling the need of creating and managing semantic resources, a plethora of schemas and datasets are currently available in legacy and particularly tabular formats (CSV or MS Excel files).
To facilitate the transition of such assets in the Semantic Web, AGINFRA+ offers a Data Transformation Service that streamlines the RDF-isation of tabular data. The service is based on the open-source OpenRefine tool (


The service allows the import of tabular data in CSN or MS Excel format and their manipulation via the application of rules over rows, columns and cells. Furthermore, the user can determine the rules for transforming the data into triples using arbitrary schemas and ontologies and building an RDF skeleton for defining the ways that cell values will be translated in RDF.


There is no explicit limitation on the volume and nature of data that can be imported and handled by the service. Additionally, the RDF skeleton that forms the basis for the RDF-isation can incorporate different schemas and ontologies, as long as they are available online.


The service is available to the users of the AGINFRA+ VREs. Upon completion of the project, it will be made generally available as a feature provided by the D4Science VREs and activated on request.