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Extend AAPS staging publisher (generic variables, metadata)

Added by Emmanuel Blondel over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:Jul 13, 2017
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Assignee:Emmanuel Blondel% Done:


Lead beneficiary:12 - CLS Participants:5 - FAO


* redefined variables to be more generic: data1 (instead of 'farm'), data2 (instead of 'cage'), enrich with meaninful param description highlight Greek typology (farms/cages) and Indonesia (farm complexes, areas), where the typology will be handled depending on the country selection
* metadata flow for the level 2 (further iterations to plan there)

Metadata will be here to describe data quality info and the moment where it was produced, but will not expose data access endpoints (staging area). These metadata will be read by process in #9041 to inherit DataQuality info/ lineage / process steps carried out for producing the data.


#1 Updated by Emmanuel Blondel over 2 years ago

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Refactored DM process to manage generic variable names and avoid mention of farm/cages

#2 Updated by Emmanuel Blondel over 2 years ago

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#3 Updated by Emmanuel Blondel over 2 years ago

The process has been extended to manage new typology with Indonesia use case. The process works well for both countries/typologies. See for Indonesia:

If possible, please clarify if the Indonesia case also includes a use case of editing/validating data, and how it differs from Greece. I will need to revise the public publisher. Thanks

Some notes:
* for Indonesia, the shapefile was sent in Mercator. For simplicity, and to avoid issues with shapes/geoserver dealing with the SRS, EPSG:4326 was used by default. Hence in case source SRS is not that one (e.g. Indonesia), data is reprojected.
* staging metadata only target level 1 (farms for Greece, farm complexes for Indonesia), and do not contain data distribution info (no WMS/WFS through the metadata) and access/use constraint is set to restricted.

#4 Updated by Nicolas Longépé over 2 years ago

Yes the metadata should be specific for this layer.
I will provide you with the description of this layer a bit later (end August)

#5 Updated by Emmanuel Blondel over 2 years ago

I've also seen in a recent email that data has a time validity period, and that you plan to deliver an older coverage. If it is right, does it make sense to extend the publisher to specify a period or something like that? (Considering that the publisher "standardizes" the name of layers - in order to manager update- only according to country and typology at now). Let me know

For the metadata, you can check the Geonetwork metadata published:
Let me know what changes vs. Greece.


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