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org.gcube.distribution.maven-smartgears-bom update the pom configuration

Added by Maria Di Girolamo over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:May 12, 2017
Priority:ImmediateDue date:
Assignee:Alessandro Pieve% Done:


Sprint:gCube Release 4.5.0


The pom for maven-smartgears-bom should be updated changing the range of the version for the document-store-lib depdendency:



[2.0.0-SNAPSHOT, 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT)

Thank you

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#2 Updated by Maria Di Girolamo over 2 years ago

I apologize, the reason of this request is that some of the components (locked) failed in the last nightly build: http://eticsbuild2.research-infrastructures.eu/BuildReport/home/AllBuilds/org.gcube.4-5-0/BUILD_9.
The failure is due to missing the correct range for the document-store-lib. (This failure involved components component that directly not dependent from document-store-lib too but only maven-smart-gear-bom as example: fhn-manager-service , http://eticsbuild2.research-infrastructures.eu/BuildReport/bdownload/AllBuilds/org.gcube.4-5-0/BUILD_9/reports/reportModuleDetail-fhn-manager-service.html.

[ERROR] Failed to execute goal on project fhn-manager-service: Could not resolve dependencies for project org.gcube.resources.federation:fhn-manager-service:war:1.2.2-4.5.0-141729: Failed to collect dependencies at org.gcube.core:common-smartgears:jar:2.1.2-4.5.0-146443 ->

org.gcube.data.publishing:document-store-lib:jar:[1.0.0-SNAPSHOT,2.0.0-SNAPSHOT): No versions available for org.gcube.data.publishing:document-store-lib:jar:[1.0.0-SNAPSHOT,2.0.0-SNAPSHOT) within specified range -> [Help 1].

I hope that can help you and clarify my request.

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