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Define factors that prevent the construction of an aquafarm in an area

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Priority:NormalDue date:Aug 31, 2017
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Unreachable areas
Marine protected areas
Areas that an aquafarm already exists
Other legislation or environmental related issues


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Ideas for preventive parameters

Geographical Parameter
* Too far from the nearest port (depends on the size of the port, if it is public port >50km, if not it can be >50m)
* Too close to nearest city (distance > 50km)
* Too close to land (distance > 50m)
* Too far from nearest city / port
* Closest island should be able to be included in a rectangular shape (square is also an acceptable rectangular shape) of at least 20.000 square meters surface area with every side adjacent to at least one island's edge to provide safety to the aqua farmer in case of an emergency.
* Sea depth (indicative depth > 30m)
* Elevation level (=0 we are only evaluating aqua farms in the sea water)
* Away from liners' routes (public transport route avoidance) (the route can be as close as 500m in some cases but not closer)

Enviromental Parameters
* Quality of oxygen, temperature, salinity and other parameters used by production model
* Currents speed maximum to establish a safe Aqua Farm installation (the maximum speed should be the all year maximum)

Marine protected areas / Tourist attraction location
* Yes / No
* Away from tourist beaches (Visible from human eye ~ >50km)

Αreas that another aquafarm already exists
* Not closer than 400m

Other legislation or environmental related issues
* Areas were fishing / cultivating is prohibited for any period of the calendar year should be removed from the candidates list)

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The geoanalytics functions will also consider the report http://www.fao.org/3/a-i6834e.pdf that define multiple factors that define site selection.

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