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The publicly available page of the VRE - i.e. https://bluebridge.d4science.org/web/ices_tcre - should be revised to include:

  • a short description of the scope of the VRE and the challenges that it addresses;
  • a clear statement describing who are the communities and the stakeholders that can use the VRE and the main benefits that they can get;
  • a clear statement on the main services made available by the VRE;
  • a "demo" (screenshots or video);
  • links to related documents;

Please, produce a text suitable for an HTML page and share it by the workspace dedicate folder https://goo.gl/NBB54e

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ICES Training course in the R Environment

The training course in the R environment took place at ICES Headquarters, in Copenhagen,
Denmark from 28 February to 4. March 2016. The number of participants was
24, coming from 8 countries.

The objective of the course was to provide participants with a solid foundation in efficient
use of the R environment using various typical and familiar fisheries datasets
(landings data, catch data, survey data, and tagging data) as case examples. Emphasis
was put on data munging and literate programming starting with "raw" data (individual
stations, individual fish measurements) and culminating with deliverance of publishable
output produced from a single coded document file.

From the conception of the course through deliverance, all course material was developed
and delivered using non-proprietary free software. In that spirit, all the material
was also made available as open source. To that end, a GitHub repository was generated
(https://github.com/fishvice/tcrenv2016) that contains all source documents (in
the form of .Rmd and/or .Rnw) and data, with associated output documents (.html
and/or .pdf format). A webpage (http://www.hafro.is/~einarhj/education/tcrenv2016/)
based on that material was also generated and used throughout the course.

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