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Project WP #654: WP6 - Supporting Blue Economy: VREs Development [Months: 1-30]

Project Task #655: T6.1 Performance evaluation, benchmarking and decision making in aquaculture VRE [Months: 1-30]

Reporting on the exploitation and feedback of private VREs from SMEs

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Due to the fact that private VREs exploitation is hidden from BlueBridge partners, it has been kindly asked to provide a report about the way VREs are currently exploited by SMEs (e.g. are VREs currently in use, are SMEs in the process of learning the tools, expecting modifications, giving feedback, etc)

Furthermore, is it possible to provide a mechanism to systematically collect and make publicly available the feedback received from SMEs?

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The subcontractors SMEs (Alieia, Ellinika Psaria and Forky's) of Blue Economy have started to exploit the provided services hosted at their VREs. Particularly, they have uploaded appropriate datasets and developed models to estimate production KPIs. Furthermore, they have started to evaluate what-if scenarios and make techno-economic plans utilizing the corresponding portlets. Although this process is in the primarily stages and further trials need to do, so as to evaluate the whole services, however users have remarked some issues, which we should address:

  1. In the creation of new Site in “Setup Site” portlet, the oxygen and currents rating should be changed to numerical fields. Usually, they handle oxygen of a site as numerical attribute not as ordinal one. Also, the oxygen oscillates in depends on the season. Regarding the currents of the site, usually they don't measure them.
  2. In the “Setup Site” portlet, it would be nice to present a geographical map, so as the users click on the map to indicate the location of the site and the fields Latitude and Longitude are filled in automatically.
  3. In “Setup Models”, the results of the modeling (KPIs tables) should be stored and be accessible by the users.
  4. Usually, the aquafarmers utilize different tables for FCR and SFR indicators regarding to the average weight categories. Furthermore, each company uses different categorization for the fish weight depending on its needs. Thus, the users request to have the capability to upload a file (in excel or csv format), which contains the weight categorization.
  5. In “What-If Analysis”, the presentation of the graphs should be improved.
  6. The UI should be done more user-friendly by adding comprehensive and informative pop-up messages. Also, error messages should be included in all the portlets.

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