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Request mortality rate value from SimulFishGrowthDataAPI.

Added by Konstantinos Giannakelos over 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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Is it possible to acquire the mortality rate of each simulation in order to use it in the calculations of the Techno Economic Analysis Algorithm?

We are trying to calculate the mean weight on harvest day of each generation.

The formula we use is :

Mean Sellable Weight = total weight on harvest day / total number of fish on harvest day 

where: total number of fish on harvest day = (1 - MortalityRate) * initial fish count

We already know the initial fish count since we are using it as an input parameter when we request consumption.


#1 Updated by Charalampos Dimitrakopoulos over 2 years ago

We should also note that we already know the value of total weight on harvest day appearing in the formula so we just need the MR value to get the arithmetic result of mean sellable weight

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