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Dataminer: algorithms no more listed in deployed algorithms

Added by Julien Barde over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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Some algorithms I deployed few months ago and which where displayed in data miner until last week are not there anymore:

Taha had the same problem last week with some (2 I think) of his algorithms and I can't see any algorithms of Paul in the Tuna Atlas VRE (he had around 10 algorithms in production environment are gone).

Once deployed, it's not obvious to find our algorithms among VREs and some information is missing if using the WPS getCapabilities or describeProcess queries.

CKAN might be really helpful to get a list of algorithms according to various surch criteria. I am currently making an inventory / catalog of algorithms deployed by IRD for the wiki and it would be really helpful to flag algorithms with additional metadata elements like:
* name of provider (contact and organization),
* context in the infra: Tuna Atlas VREs.
* keywords: Stock Assessment, Ichthyop model...
* outlook / Snapshot: to see how outputs look like.
* ..

This way we could really browse the content of the WPS catalog and find some relevant processes.


#1 Updated by Pasquale Pagano over 2 years ago

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Something wrong should have done during the recent update. I am assigning the ticket to Gianpaolo that can add again the algorithms to the VRE, I suppose Tuna Atlas VRE I suppose but please correct me if I am wrong.

It should be an authorisation issue. The infrastructure is completely configured around authorisations. A user is authorised to use a resource (in this case an algorithm) in a VRE. If algorithms disappeared it should depend on the fact the you are not authorised anymore to use them in a VRE. This issue could have been generated by the new authorisation service that required changes in the configuration. Clearly we are sorry for the inconvenience and I wait for its fix.

Algorithms will be published in CKAN starting next release. Again, publication will be per VRE meaning that an algorithm will appear in the Catalog of the VRE where it was authorised, in all of them if the algorithm is published as public.
We can customise the metadata of the resources published in CKAN. So please let us which attributes you wish to see in the catalog and we will configure it appropriately.

#2 Updated by Gianpaolo Coro over 2 years ago

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Hi, last week we made a large upgrade of the e-Infrastructure and this involved upgrading the security services. The algorithms you indicated had some issues with the installation due to this upgrade, but this issue was missed by our consistency checks. We have just restored them and corrected the checks. The names are the one you indicated in SAI, i.e.:

Make Ichthyop Netcdf Cf Compliant
Ichthyop Netcdf Output To Shapefile

They have been installed again in the RPrototypingLab, since no request had been provided to put these algorithms in the production VREs. Sorry for the inconvenience.

#3 Updated by Julien Barde over 2 years ago

the algorithms of are restored in development environment but are still missing in production (11 codes to be restored in production / Tuna Atlas VRE).

#4 Updated by TAHA IMZILEN over 2 years ago

Hi Gianpaolo,
missing algorithms of the category 'Iccat Eastern Bft Stock Assessment' are added again to the VRE's (production and development)! it miss just one algorithm 'STEP_3___VPA_ICCAT_BFT_E_Projection' on the ICCAT_BFT-E VRE
could you restore it please ?
thank you

#5 Updated by Gianpaolo Coro over 2 years ago

Hi Taha, it should be everything OK now. I have written an alignment process for all the DataMiner that should ensure to have the correct algorithms installed also after the updates.

As for the Step 3 case, I was confused by the fact that you published two algorithms "STEP_3___VPA_ICCAT_BFT_E_Projection" and "STEP_3___VPA_ICCAT_BFT_E_PROJECTION" thus I had to figure out which was the correct one :-).

#6 Updated by TAHA IMZILEN over 2 years ago

it is restored.
everything is ok for me now! thanks

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