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Task #1461: Design the interface between the Statistical Manager and EwE

Connect EwE desktop software to the BB cloud for running user models

Added by Jeroen Steenbeek over 3 years ago. Updated 10 months ago.

Status:RejectedStart date:Sep 06, 2016
Priority:NormalDue date:Sep 22, 2016
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We have the capabilities to run EwE models in the cloud (see parent ticket #1461). next, users should be able to launch a model run on the BB infrastructure directly from within the EwE desktop software. This will require two parallel developments.

  1. @jeroen.steenbeek@gmail.com will build a user interface into the EwE software that triggers the cloud run. For this, the new tool will send a data package to the BB cloud. This package includes:

    • the model file, in XML format (see #1461)
    • the model run configuration file, in XML format (see #1461)
    • an email address where users will receive a model completion email with a link to download Ecospace results
  2. @gianpaolo.coro@isti.cnr.it will use his superpowers to extend the EwE model run logic to accept the email address and build the notification structure

Let's discuss details!


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#1 Updated by Pasquale Pagano over 3 years ago

It is unclear why it is needed to pass the email address since:
- In order to submit a cloud run the user must have a valid registered profile and he has to use the token.
- Given the token it is possible to get the email of the user associated to the token.

Maybe I misunderstood. Please clarify.

#2 Updated by Jeroen Steenbeek over 3 years ago

There are a few reasons.

We want to use the EwE VRE for training course purposes. During a course all course participants - up to 25 for some courses - may wish to execute jobs on the cloud via the EwE desktop software. We need a way to distinguish who ordered which run. The runs will not only be initiated by the owner of the VRE.

The runs will be initiated from within the EwE software, not from the VRE web interface. An EwE software user (or course participant) who fired off a run thus has to keep checking the VRE web interface to see if his/her run has been completed. It is much user-friendly during a course if the user receives an email with download instructions for his/her results.

I discussed this at length with @gianpaolo.coro@isti.cnr.it before I started this ticket.

Does this make sense?

#3 Updated by Jeroen Steenbeek over 3 years ago

Ok, I just realized that every user of the VRE will sign in with their own credentials (including google or facebook), thus providing an email address. We thus do not need to ask for an email address to launch a cloud run. My bad, apologies.

#4 Updated by Paolo Fabriani over 3 years ago

  • Assignee changed from Gianpaolo Coro to Paolo Fabriani

#5 Updated by Gianpaolo Coro about 3 years ago

Dear Jeroen @jeroen.steenbeek@gmail.com, Paolo and me finally managed to add the email sending mechanism. It took some time because we currently have a large security update of the e-Infrastructure that has required to modify many services and software components.
Indeed, the email sending process has been made available for all the developers that use our framework.

Currently, it can be used in our development environment only (next.d4science.org), and the token should be generated in the NextNext VRE. We will move it to the production environment in the next weeks.

Requests for computations are like this:

http://dataminer1-devnext.d4science.org/wps/WebProcessingService?request=Execute&service=WPS&Version=1.0.0&gcube-token=<your token here>&lang=en-US&Identifier=org.gcube.dataanalysis.wps.statisticalmanager.synchserver.mappedclasses.transducerers.ECOPATH_WITH_ECOSIM&DataInputs=Model%20File=http://data-d.d4science.org/emRmUEFtRGVZMnozcEdBekVHU3E4TlVyNmFHOU8yNDFHbWJQNStIS0N6Yz0;Config%20File=http://data-d.d4science.org/emRmUEFtRGVZMnozcEdBekVHU3E4Skt5dkh2OXJObHFHbWJQNStIS0N6Yz0

POST is supported as well, where you can send the files inline in the WPS request document too. Tell me if you need an example for this.

#6 Updated by Pasquale Pagano 10 months ago

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