Upgrade #4327

Upgrade #4319: D4Science Infrastructure Upgrade to gCube 4.0

D4Science Gateways upgrade to gCube 4.0

Added by Massimiliano Assante over 3 years ago. Updated about 3 years ago.

Status:CompletedStart date:Jun 22, 2016
Priority:HighDue date:Jul 28, 2016
Assignee:Massimiliano Assante% Done:


Sprint:D4Science Infrastructure Upgrade to gCube 4.0.0
Duration: 27


Upgrade #4328: Preprod Gateway upgrade to gCube 4.0CompletedMassimiliano Assante

Task #4364: Update production keyspace definition on Cassandra Cluste...ClosedMassimiliano Assante

Task #4442: Create Custom Fields in Liferay DB for SiteClosedMassimiliano Assante

Task #4448: Authorize Redirect URLs for LinkedIn Profile import for a...ClosedMassimiliano Assante

Task #4450: Modify the Email Notification sent over new user registra...ClosedMassimiliano Assante

Task #4476: Please create new VM for production HA Proxy and deploy itClosedAndrea Dell'Amico

Task #4477: Create a new VM for tomcat production clusterClosedAndrea Dell'Amico

Task #4703: Create Tomcat startup script at bootClosed_InfraScience Systems Engineer

Task #4640: Dismiss BiOnym appsClosedMassimiliano Assante

Task #4788: StatMan and TrendyLyzer web apps substitutionClosedMassimiliano Assante

Task #4811: Update Terms of Use page for each GatewayClosedMassimiliano Assante

Task #4812: Update Cookies Policy page for each GatewayClosedMassimiliano Assante

Task #4813: Deploy Google Analytics tool for each GatewayClosedMassimiliano Assante


#1 Updated by Massimiliano Assante over 3 years ago


  • DONE The mail reader hook should be deployed, the industry custom field should be added to the User table (LR) (as Hidden). Also the custom fields for the Statistics protlet (as Hidden)

  • DONE AFTER IMPORTED ALL USERS remember to se true the following:

  • DONE the user registration hook should be deployed after the imports users procedure is completed.

  • DONE The Role "Infrastructure-Manager" should be set to rootVO members for new user accounts, and to Site (vHosts) members for new users registrations.

  • DONE The VME-DB editor roles for RFMOs should be translated into VRE Groups (Teams)

  • DONE The following Site roles should be created:

           **DONE**  VRE_MANAGER("VRE-Manager"),
        **DONE** VO_ADMIN("VO-Admin"),
        **DONE** INFRASTRUCTURE_MANAGER("Infrastructure-Manager"),
        **DONE** DATA_MANAGER("Data-Manager"),
        **DONE** CATALOGUE_ADMIN("Catalogue-Admin"),
        **DONE** CATALOGUE_EDITOR("Catalogue-Editor");

DONE The portalinstancename property in tomcat/conf/gcube-data property should have the name of the Infra-gateway name service endpoint (to be created) this would be needed to make Ldap Export servlet work. (only one instance of the cluster may have the export servlet)

#2 Updated by Massimiliano Assante over 3 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Planned

#3 Updated by Massimiliano Assante over 3 years ago

  • Status changed from Planned to In Progress

#4 Updated by Massimiliano Assante over 3 years ago

  • Status changed from In Progress to Completed

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