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Build an example of data embedding request to WPS

Added by Gianpaolo Coro over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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Sprint:Analytics enhancements


A client example must clarify how to invoke WPS models by sending an input table on-the-fly with the process request. This approach allows non-Java client to send files to the service, which will upload them on the user's Workspace.

StatManager_VPA.png (33.2 KB) Julien Barde, May 25, 2016 02:48 PM



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I have added an example on the client interaction Wiki page (see link below) that shows how to send an input table to a process and run the process using that table and other input parameters.
Essentially, the table is embedded into an XML document that is sent to the computational service:


The example uses an asynchronous call and runs the XMeans clustering algorithm on river-related environmental features.

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#3 Updated by Julien Barde over 3 years ago

In the attached file you will find an example of how we would like to create an item to gather some of our algorithms within a specific item of the left menu of the statistical manager.
The idea would consist for example in using the SAI to create a new item in the menu ("VPA ICCAT BLUEFIN TUNA EST" in the attached file) and then point this item when deploying a new algorithm to make it part of it.

#4 Updated by Gianpaolo Coro over 3 years ago

Hi Julien, there is no problem: I will create the "VPA ICCAT BLUEFIN TUNA EST" category, whereas the steps and the descriptions are simply the names you put in the SAI Algorithm Name and Description boxes, thus you can modify them by yourselves. As soon as you release the algorithms I will add them to the dev environment. Once they work, I will put them in the production environment (i.e. more machines and powerful infrastructure) in the Stock Assessment VRE.

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