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publish gCube code on Zenodo

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A proposal to model gCube components in Zenodo has been prepared here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sNvxw5--Z5fzJ-x3P730S84fpslFYkT-BXQP0ce3tBk/edit#heading=h.fhtgf0nds2av

(a copy is also in the workspace: https://goo.gl/8qWZRY)

@pasquale.pagano@isti.cnr.it, @leonardo.candela@isti.cnr.it The document is open for comments and improvement. Then, I will start with the implementation of the solution.

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@gabriele.giammatteo@eng.it could you please grant permission to me by the following address leonardo.candela@gmail.com

Some early feedback (by reading the doc):

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thanks for the feedback, I updated the document with a proposed list of subjects and keywords. They will be further refined before the actual publication on Zenodo.

Concerning having the doi across versions, I was inaccurate. I did some other tests and I found that we cannot have two depositions with the same doi (quite obviously). The actual meaning of having user-specified doi seems to be to have in Zenodo depositions that points to dois already assigned by external authorities. I'm not sure I got your suggestion

it is possible to manage "versions" / associate this with version

but a solution could be to have a deposition to represent the component and n depositions to represents each of its releases. I added a section "Deposition types and their relationships" to the shared document [1] with the details of this solution.

[1] https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sNvxw5--Z5fzJ-x3P730S84fpslFYkT-BXQP0ce3tBk/edit#heading=h.fhtgf0nds2av

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Zenodo Publisher has been completed. It is able to publish on Zenodo the source code and generated metadata for gCube components integrated in gCube releases. Some minor features have been left out from the current implementation (e.g. component-level depositions, wikidoc urls). They can be added in the future quite easily and in any case, they do not prevent the primary objective of being able to make gCube code citable.

Releases starting from gCube 4.0.0 are being published in the next few days. For future releases, the publication will happen just after the end of each release. Artifacts are being published on a dedicated Zenodo Commiunity: https://zenodo.org/communities/gcube-system/

Source code of the Zenodo Publisher is available at

and it's documentation is at

Also available in: Atom PDF