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Task #6101: Geospatial Analytics & Alerting Platform Implementation (Stage 2)

Implement Geospatial Analytics Model Configuration & Management Logic

Added by Gerasimos Farantatos over 3 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:Nov 01, 2016
Priority:NormalDue date:May 31, 2017
Assignee:Nikolas Laskaris% Done:


Duration: 152


A model, in the context of the platform is defined as
* A set of virtual layers which will serve as inputs to the geospatial analytics algorithm
* The mapping from input virtual layers to algorithm parameters
* Description of input and output units
* A set of mappings/conversions between logical layers, which will be used during the computation for the on demand homogenization of logical layers which are incompatible with one another.
* The fitness function which will be used to obtain results

An algorithm is described in an abstract way in terms of the computational runtime upon which it will be executed (Apache Spark, local Java implementation etc). This abstract definition also contains algorithm-specific configuration such as the way an algorithm run is initialized (e.g. starting points for a simulated annealing algorithm or different system parameters for each run).

A sub-component of the platform needs to be developed, whose main tasks will be to interface with the geospatial model/algorithm store within the infrastructure and provide an API for the management of models and algorithms.


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Dear Gerasimos, this case will be followed by the colleagues of Engineering, another BlueBRIDGE partner that has effort in your WorkPackage. Please, refer to them for your issues, but continue using SAI in the way you currently do. CNR will act as a backup.

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