Bug #17280

Errors in Abundance Level values

Added by Yannis Marketakis 4 months ago. Updated 4 months ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:Jul 23, 2019
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There is an error in one value in the Abundance Level of the record https://bluebridge.d4science.org/group/grsf_admin/data-catalogue?path%3D%2Fdataset%2F43c75b29-85b0-34aa-a725-f95b6d49090c.

In particular the value with _id 63 ends with "(0.551.10)" instead of the original one (coming from FIRMS) which is "(0.55-1.10)".

43c75b29-85b0-34aa-a725-f95b6d49090c.jpg (24.7 KB) Yannis Marketakis, Jul 23, 2019 12:47 PM


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  • Related to Task #16880: Merge GRSF records (FIRMS - IOTC vs RAM) added

#2 Updated by Yannis Marketakis 4 months ago

I checked it out and noticed that the value of the abundance level appears correctly in GRSF KB (see image attached).
This means that the harvesting and transformation of data resources worked properly.

I ran again the publishing process (I actually updated the record) and it seems OK now. It should be an issue with the publishing process which, unfortunately, I'm unable to reproduce.
I'm closing this for the time being and if we encounter a similar issue in the future we have to inspect what happens during the publishing (with the publishing client and the publishing service).

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