Feature #16271

Feature #16269: DataMiner service: input and output datasets should not be saved automatically in the workspace folders

Dataminer portlet: add Update DataSpace button

Added by Pasquale Pagano 2 months ago. Updated 2 months ago.

Status:NewStart date:Mar 13, 2019
Priority:NormalDue date:
Assignee:Giancarlo Panichi% Done:


Sprint:DataMiner enhancements


The data space can be updated by a user by using a new appropriate function of the DataMiner portlet.


#1 Updated by Leonardo Candela 2 months ago

It seems that the data space is no longer playing the key role envisaged at the beginning, e.g. in #16270 we are suggesting to make the saving of input and output an option.

I'm wondering we shall reconsider at all this part and eventually remove it. In taking decisions we shall also consider the possibility to mount the workspace locally to the machines (by FUSE).

To me we should focus on making available the workspace as a whole into the DM portlet and get rid of the data space.

#2 Updated by Pasquale Pagano 2 months ago

At present we have only decided to postpone the update of the DataSpace: from the automatic approach currently adopted to a manual update of it triggered by the user.

This new approach has the main objective to increase the robustness of the data miner engine by removing collateral operations affecting the job execution. It is not yet neither discussed nor decided to reduce the features of the data miner. I would therefore not change the current plan of enhancements until a proper discussion.

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