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access web page for AAPS

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I just nocticed the welcome page for the AAPS should be updated.

The panel "coming soon" should be replaced by the access to the VRE.
In addition, can you please replace the older text by the following.


The Aquaculture Atlas Generation VRE supports the generation and the review of aquaculture maps for offshore fish farms and coastal ponds. These maps are generated using satellite Earth Observation imagery. For the detection of aquaculture fish farms, high resolution optical satellite images are used together with new semi-supervised algorithms imbedded into the CLS ©ACUITY software. For the detection of coastal ponds (and rice paddy fields), a dedicated algorithm has been developed and applied on Copernicus Sentinel-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) and Sentinel-2 multispectral data acquired in 2014-2017. For the sake of comparison, a similar but simpler method can be applied on Landsat-5 acquired in 1994-1997. Two use cases are provided: Greece for fish farm detection, and Sulawesi, Indonesia for coastal ponds.

The output maps are visualized in an integrated map-viewer. For Super User (i.e. thematic expert), this VRE enables the editing of attributes, the validation and publication of OGC-compliant data and catalog entries. The VRE relies on BlueBRIDGE data services to manage users and content.
The initial VRE aim is to contribute maps to the FAO National Aquaculture Sector Overviews (NASO). It can be also useful to support Maritime Spatial Planners.

This VRE allows to perform the following tasks:
- Visualize generated geospatial data
- Access to information at farm (feeding systems, farm material, farm design, fish species) but also cage levels (size, shape)
- Edit attributes at farm level (for Super User only)
- Overlay with Copernicus Sentinel-1 images
- Compare the footprint of coastal ponds and rice paddy fields, and check their evolution over 20 years
- Validate the attributes at farm level, and publish the results in a geonetwork catalog (for Super User only)

This VRE is currently equipped with the basic VRE facilities:
- Workspace: for sharing objects of interest
- DataMiner with a geographic proximity tool enabling to compute the closest NASO farms
- Social networking area: for supporting the discussions among members, and asking new areas to process
- User management facility: for managing membership


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  • % Done changed from 0 to 50 I have a question, at the moment this VRE has restricted access policy (meaning that the access is moderated by a VRE Manager that accept or not the user's request), should the access policy be changed to "open" like in PAIM VRE? (Meaning that anyone can access the VRE and the VRE Managers are informed)

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The welcome page for the AAPS has been updated, please check if it reflects the requested changes. Thanks

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I include in the discussion and .

If we "open", anyone should be accepted with "normal" profile (not including "data manager")
I think it is important that Super User (those with "data manager" profile) are accepted mannualy by VRE manager.

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