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Define and improve notification messages in Aquaculture-supporting applications

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It seems notification messages are produced whenever a user set up a new model.

The message is something like:

Dear xxx,

yyy posted on AquacultureTrainingLab:

Model [zzz] is setup and ready to use! 

See this Post

This message is problematic for several issues:

  • it is not helping the receiver in accessing the model;
  • it assumes that the social networking area is part of the VRE (while it was not there);

I kindly ask WP6 colleagues to

  • clarify the intent of the facility, e.g. inform all the VRE members that a given model is available for use;
  • improve the message.


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Let me clarify one thing, If I understand correctly from the email notification what I2S is doing is to Post in the VRE through the social networking service, it is not a message. The email you get is the notification about the post.

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Please, let me write some comments regarding the social networking and notification messages in aquaculture VREs.

Regarding model creation and model status, we inform the users by using two methods: the Messages and the Posts, both part of the Social Networking:

  1. The user, who triggers the model creation, is getting a Message upon start and a Message upon finish (successful or failed) the process.
  2. The whole team (ie the VRE members) is getting a News Feed Post upon successful finish that simply says "Model [zzz] is setup and ready to use!" and nothing more. That's the way to announce the model availability to the whole aquaculture SME, so as other employees (authorised VRE users) of it could be used the particular model, if they want to.

These notifications are given to the user according to his Social Networking settings (*).

The users seem to be quite happy with the Messages and think that the News Feed would be great. So we are thinking to ask News Feed facility in all VREs. should we open a ticket on this?

(*) This is the mail is referring, that contains the Post contents plus a link to the Post.

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As of gcube 4.10, the notification message is

Dear Username,

Joan Doe posted on AquacultureTrainingLab:

I have just set-up a new model named xxx. You can make use of it on a What-If Analysis at https://link-to-wahtif-analysis-list or on a Techno Economic Investment Analysis at https://link-to-technoeco-invest-analysis

See this Post

In case the user edited the mode the wording is

I have just updated the model named xxx. You ... etc

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Solution working

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